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Our team of designers, engineers, and project managers work together to guide your project from start to finish.


We start with a preliminary design concept and work closely with the owner to perfect and streamline the layout. Once we get a preliminary plan that meet the needs and functionality of the project, we bring in engineers to design and draw the the entire set of plans needed for construction. Once the plans are final, we put together a proposal of the construction phase. One major benefit to a Design+Build system is that you still have the resources to make adjustments to plans if necessary after receiving the proposal.


Once the plans and proposal have been agreed upon, the construction phase can begin. All plans are submitted to the city for review and permitting and Bedrock Commercial Construction will do the ground work necessary to get them approved. We act quickly after receiving the permits to begin construction and coordination. The length of time for building you project with very depending on the size and type of building. We will provide a building schedule to keep the project on track and within the timeline projected.